Our Mission: To promote public awareness of the Realtor profession and bring value to our members

Goal 1:  Membership

LAR will empower, educate, and promote its members through various platforms for the advancement of our profession

  • Identify and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within our association.​
  • Evaluate and communicate effective information through all media platforms.​
  • Explore and implement, as needed, shared services with surrounding boards.​
  • Communicate the value of membership to LAR, Virginia REALTORS®, and NAR to the new members, seasoned members, and Brokers.​
  • Encourage Broker involvement.

Goal 2:  Community Outreach

LAR will promote and partner with our community

  • Organize fundraising for our community.​
  • Research NAR grants for opportunities to improve our community.​
  • Promote LAR as the professional and diverse Association that serves our community.​
  • Create partnerships and promote relationships within our community. ​
  • Share relevant real estate-related information with our community which shows the value of the REALTOR® member.

Goal 3:  Advocacy

LAR will advocate on behalf of the membership within our service area to promote homeownership and property rights

  • Educate the membership on the value of RPAC and the importance of their contribution.​
  • Implement a plan to develop meaningful relationships with local officials to become the go-to resource for real estate needs.​
  • Encourage and identify members to serve in community and government organizations.​
  • Advocate for and promote fair housing initiatives that support the expansion of diversity and inclusionary efforts. 

Goal 4 :  Association Services

LAR will evaluate and identify various needs and services to grow and stay relevant

  • Identify opportunities to utilize new products and technologies to provide services.​
  • Evaluate and possibly implement the need for new space. ​
  • Investigate the need for expanding Staff and address accordingly. ​
  • Develop a program for the CEO and Staff to outreach to firms regularly. ​

Goal 5:  Professionalism 

LAR will promote key objectives within the association to achieve peak professionalism 

  • Promote the importance of professionalism that defines “That’s Who We R.”​
  • Provide professional development opportunities to enhance success that elevate job performance, professionalism, and competency.​
  • Enhance multiple methods for the delivery of professional development.​
  • Utilize cooperative partnerships to engage more members and increase revenue.​
  • Evaluate and strengthen the purpose of the Broker Forum to increase participation.​