Our Mission: To promote public awareness of the Realtor profession and bring value to our members


GOAL 1:  LAR will make the Realtor profession a place you want to stay

  • Develop a leadership council of past presidents, past board members and brokers.
  • Identify future leaders and mentors
  • Offer leadership and team building opportunities.
  • Develop and implement a member profile to identify strengths.
  • Create a “think tank” with old and new members.
  • Survey membership to increase involvement and explore new options for member benefits.
  • Promote involvement at LAR, VR and NAR.

Goal 2: We will promote our value proposition to the public through consumer outreach

  • Be the Voice for Real Estate by creating a resource that provides market statistics
  • Recognize Association and member involvement at the Local, State, and National levels
  • Recognize Association community involvement
  • Advertise and promote positive aspects of using a Realtor
  • Community Outreach Committee continue to identify and fund local non-profits
  • Community Outreach Committee continue the LAR Family Holiday outreach in each of the areas in LAR

Goal 3: LAR will increase political advocacy

  • Allocate adequate funds to cover minimum core standards participation in RPAC
  • Continue to attend and participate in legislative meetings at the Local, State, and National levels
  • Local awareness of each local municipality by having Realtors attend Local council and planning meetings
  • Sponsor a town hall meeting for political candidates to educate Realtors on how identified policies would benefit/ impact Realtors

Goal 4: LAR will increase involvement of new members, existing members, and affiliate members

  • Continue to require new agent orientation
  • Introduce new agents at monthly meetings
  • Offer incentives for attendance at meetings (Dec- free dues)
  • Provide social/network events
  • Promote, support, and expand affiliate involvement

Goal 5: LAR will provide our membership with a thorough knowledge of association services and technology and create new educational opportunities

  • LAR will offer level specific training sessions for association offered services and technology
  • LAR will offer educational opportunities for the ever-changing industry
  • LAR will continue to research new technology, online education, applications, and emerging opportunities to enable members to stay ahead and navigate through industry trends.