Tap Into Your

Leadership Potential


Now Accepting Applications For 2024 Class

Maximize what you already know and get the tools you need to make a big impact on your community.

The Leadership Academy at The Lynchburg Association of REALTORS® is designed to teach how you can build trust and credibility—from your firm and beyond!

Why Apply?

This 6-month training course will focus on leadership skills such as: 

  • Goal Setting
  • Communications 
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Time Management
  • Personal Accountability


Tuition fees are $300 and cover session programming, materials, and team-building exercises.



Applicants that are selected must make a financial and time commitment.

Participants must attend all sessions and team-building retreats. (one absence allowed)

Participants are expected to pay their travel expenses to attend each event.

Session Schedule


SESSION 1: Introduction – Personal Accountability | January 11, 2024

SESSION 2: Meeting Management | February 8, 2024

SESSION 3: Communication Skills | March 14, 2024

SESSION 4: Building Business Relationships | April 11, 2024

SESSION 5: Personality Assessments and Team Building Retreat #2 | May 9, 2024

SESSION 6: Finance/Panel Discussion | June 13, 2024

SESSION 7: Team Building Retreat | Date TBD

GRADUATION | June 13, 2023

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