The MLS Committee strives to be a resource for all members. The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is one of the most integral tools in the local real estate market, and the committee prides itself on preserving its data integrity. To uphold this, the association provides a set of rules and regulations and policies to keep compliance at the forefront.


MLS Rules and Regulations

Your Handbook For Multiple Listing Service Cooperation

MLS Fine Policy

Learn How To Stay In Compliance


The MLS Committee reviews any submitted suggestions at their monthly meeting. If you have an idea for MLS functionality or a policy, please fill out the contact form!



The President shall appoint, subject to the confirmation by the Board of Directors, an MLS Committee of at least five (5) but not more than eleven (11) REALTOR® members charged with the supervision of the Lynchburg Multiple Listing Service in accordance with its Rules and Regulations and make recommendation for any policy changes and/or changes in the Rules and Regulations to the Board of Directors for final approval. It shall meet monthly (usually preceding the Board of Directors meeting, or as called by the Chair) at the Association office. It shall identify services to be provided by MLS as a benefit to membership. The Committee will research and disseminate information on useful technologies to help elevate members’ understanding and acceptance of these new technologies. The Committee shall monitor all violations of MLS Fine Policy. It shall monitor and address all vendor issues.


Chair: Don Marr

Members: Jane Blickenstaff, Josh Cline, Kem Cobb, Steven Mock, Arline Ore, Kelly Perdieu, Liz Pino, and Sabrina Tomlin

BOD Liaison: Steve Neal

Staff Liaison: Bethanne Tarpley