LAR’s implementation date is August 7. 

This page is for LAR members to be directed to resources regarding the NAR settlements. All updates provided below come from NAR or Virginia REALTORS®. If you have questions about any of the resources below, please contact LAR. For legal questions, contact Virginia REALTORS® Legal Hotline.

LAR is in the process of updating the following forms:

LAR 100 – Purchase Agreement rev.7/2024

LAR 200 – Listing Agreement rev. 7/2024

LAR 210 – Exclusive Right to Represent Buyer rev. 7/2024

LAR 216 – Unrepresented Seller Buyer Broker Compensation Agreement rev. 7/2024

LAR 163 – Broker Compensation Agreement rev. 8/2024

We will provide updates as to when they are available for use. 


MLS Rules and Regulations-The updated MLS Rules and Regulations (7/2024) are now available.– Includes FAQ, press release, and fact sheet. Must be logged in to access. litigation updates, consumer testimonials, and infographics.

REALTOR® Magazine Article– Read “The Truth About The NAR Settlement”.

Buyer Agency And Compensation Resources– Includes pertinent articles, videos, and podcasts about compensation.

Legal Hotline-VAR legal team can answer your contract questions.

HousingWire– Included with your VAR dues. Provides insight on trending housing issues.

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